Weird Sports You Should Try

August 24th, 2015 by Pearson

For every normal activity, there are a few hundred strange versions of it. Sports are no exception – in

fact, people get extremely creative when it comes to making up new ways to have fun. We’ve sourced

the top 5 weirdest games that we think everyone should try at least once in their lives. Take a look!


1. The Mud Olympics

The people in a small city in Northern Germany, called Brunsbuettel, decided that normal Olympics just

wasn’t cutting it for them. In fact, the sweaty nature of the event clearly wasn’t dirty enough, so they

decided to take it to a whole new level. During this contest, hundreds of fans head to the swamps to

play the grimier versions of volleyball, handball and a myriad of other sports.


2. Quidditch

No, you aren’t hallucinating. If you reckon this magical sport is exclusive to the Harry Potter universe

(i.e. it doesn’t exist and shouldn’t be imitated under any circumstances), think again. Some bright spark

decided that this broomstick-based game should be available in the real world, and called it “Muggle

Quidditch”. It’s essentially a bunch of weird people running around after three balls, while not flying. I

suppose it’s great for cardio.


3. Extreme Ironing

No, it’s not getting any better. Some British guy felt that regular adrenaline sports really lacked a

domestic edge. I mean, what’s the point of leaping off a bridge if your garments remain creased? Say

hello to Extreme Ironing. If you, for some strange reason, decide to try this game, you’ll be expected to

straighten up your clothing in unusual circumstances, like underwater. We’re not sure if you need a

working iron, but you probably do – the activity is pointless if your shirts aren’t pressed afterwards.


4. Underwater Hockey

As though hockey isn’t difficult enough as it is, somebody decided to add water to the scene. There’s

nothing better than trying to hit a puck when you can’t see, breathe, or yell in frustration without

drowning. On the bright side, the object won’t be flying around at ridiculous speeds so you’ll never get

injured from impact. You may just run out of air and pass out, but it’s cool because your team would

surely notice. Right?


5. Chess Boxing

Now we’re talking. Boxers have long since been considered pretty Hulk-ish people – much muscle, no

thinky. This all changed when they decided to throw chess into the mix. Matches alternate between the

two games and the winner is determined by checkmate or knockout. We’ll gladly call it ‘The Thinking

Man’s WWE’.


That concludes our list of strange and hilarious sports around the world. If you stumble across any

others, let us know!