Apps Created by Students

July 20th, 2015 by Pearson

Students have an incredible wealth of knowledge and inspiration surrounding them every day. Some have made the most of this environment, as well as the phenomenal amount of free time at their disposal. While their friends were goofing off between lectures, these thought-leaders were using their resources to create innovative and clever apps.

Nowadays, it’s not unheard of to find a young person who’s made a name for themselves before turning 25. It’s the age of the digital startup after all, and by making an incredible product, you can set yourself up for life when you sell it for a packet.

Running on good ideas, hard work and 2-minute noodles, you could be the brains behind the next big thing. Here are some popular apps created by college students that you can try out for yourself:

Pulse News
This impressive news reader simply aggregates info form websites, social networks and blogs, and presents them in a simple, easy to use interface. It was made by two students at Stanford University in the USA. They created the app in 2010 and received such good offers for it that they sold it and left the college. Imagine what you could do…

Have you ever read or heard a quote that you thought was so flipping cool, but when you wanted to recall it found that you’d forgotten? Evidently this is such a common occurrence that there’s a market for helping people remember those important phrases and sayings. Two students from the New Jersey Institute of Technology created a nifty app that lets you capture, save, manage and share your favourite one-liners.

If you like platform games, and have an iPhone, this one’s for you. Created by two student brothers, this app is an increasingly popular download. Essentially, it gives the player total control of their gaming environment as they move from start to finish along a path of their own creation. Navigating obstacles in this deceptively simple task is harder than it looks – don’t be fooled by the colourful crayon lines!

Hello Navi
This app was invented and created by a group of grade six girls from Texas. It’s made in Java and aims to help visually challenged students navigate their way around campus. Utilising voice commands, it assists the user to find and get to the bathroom, food hall, classroom and common areas. In addition, it employs technology that even gets them safely and quickly through crowded hallways.

If little girls in primary school can build an app and launch it on Google Play, what’s stopping you?