Top 4 Things Every Young Person Should Do

June 15th, 2015 by Pearson

Ever thought about a bucket list for your twenties? We decided to scour the web to find the top “Must-Do’s” for anyone before they turn 30. So if you’re looking to experience what it really means to be young and alive, then read on…

4: Experience a new and unique culture
Although many people believe that you need to travel to experience unique cultures, here in South Africa, you just need to drive down the road. If you’re a little more adventures, plan a trip overseas with your friends. You can save money by couch surfing and immerse yourself in the habits of a completely different nation – from Thailand, to Italy.

3: Don’t be scared to be called crazy
If the great people of the past were afraid of being called nuts we would never have had light bulbs, television or modern medicine. Even Albert Einstein was called insane a few times before he became a common household name, but he persevered and made contemporary science what it is today. Follow your passion, whether it’s to write a book, start a band or become the president. What you love doesn’t necessarily have to be your day job – just make time to enjoy doing what makes you happy.

2: Let go and live on
We all have something from our past that we struggle to move on from, but do yourself a favour right now and simply let it go. These kinds of things hold us back, and even subconsciously stop us from experiencing life to the fullest. Whether it’s an ex-lover, an opportunity that you just missed or even not saying goodbye to someone you love, take some time to think it out. Then let it go.

1: Learn to love yourself
Finally, we accept yourself and your flaws. In the age of social media, our lives and accomplishments are put under a microscope. We often judge ourselves based on how much we haven’t accomplished. Simply remember that every person has their own unique journey. Ease the pressure on yourself, and take it one day at a time.

Your twenties is the time to discover, explore and accept yourself. Learn new things, be kind and just remember that life is full of amazing experiences.