Top 3 Desk Workouts

November 1st, 2016 by Pearson

Sitting and studying all day can cause brain and body fatigue, but sometimes there just isn’t enough time to take a breather and go outside. Nothing injects energy into your system like getting your heart pumping and muscles pulsing. And you don’t need to stop what you’re doing and join a gym; you can study and exercise at the same time, right from your study area. It’s true!

We’ve selected these Top 3 Desk Workout activities to induce a full body and mind awakening experience:

#1. The Wooden Leg

Requirements: Chair

Focuses on: Upper thigh

Whilst sitting in your seat, extend your leg straight out with your toes facing the ceiling and hold that position for five seconds. Once you feel the burn, raise your leg slightly higher and hold for an additional three seconds. Repeat each leg 15 times. This exercise can even be done under your desk during lectures, provided you don’t start pulling those embarrassing ‘straining’ faces.

the wooden leg

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#2. The Magic Carpet Ride

Requirements: Chair with arm rests

Focuses on: Upper arms and chest

Get into your Aladdin zone by sitting comfortably with your back straight and legs crossed. With your hands tightly gripping the arm rests, raise your body off of the seat. Hold this action for 10 to 20 seconds and repeat five times to really feel the burn. If you start to see a genie, you should probably stop and take a breather.

the magic carpet ride

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#3. Seated Suitcase

Requirements: Chair with arm rests

Focuses on: Core

This exercise can be tricky, but you’ll definitely feel it if you’re doing it right. Sit on the edge of your seat and lean your shoulder blades towards the back support of your chair. Hold onto the arm rests or the edge of your seat (for dear life!) as you raise your bent knees, off the ground, towards your chest. Straighten your legs and bring your knees back in; this counts as one rep. If you want to go completely hardcore, slow the movement down and gradually lower your legs. Start off with five sets of 10 reps and see how well it goes.

seated suitcase

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Studying is a stressful matter, so you shouldn’t neglect your number-one asset. Give your body and brain some well-deserved ‘recharge’ time, by getting your blood flowing. You deserve it.