Top 10 Strangest Careers

August 25th, 2014 by Pearson

Today’s job market is so competitive that unemployment is out of control. Many students graduate with the knowledge that positions in conventional professions won’t be available. However, this needn’t be a problem as new and exciting fields are opening up all the time, due to rapid technological advancement.

So what if you’re not going to be a boring old doctor of layer like mom and dad? You get to choose from this exciting new crop of positions. For instance you could be a:

Space Psychologist

The work of an astronaut can be stressful. They are constantly pushed to the limit, and experience some extremely unusual perspectives. Space psychologists study, consult with, and counsel cosmonauts to determine the effects that interstellar travel has on the human mind.

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White Hat Hacker

These individuals are internet security’s knights in shining armour. Hire them to attack your own company’s infrastructure and they’ll produce a list of vulnerabilities that could be exploited, and advise you on how to fix them.


If your palate is as sensitive as a poet laureate, then this is the career for you. Part chemist, part master chef, they combine chemicals to form artificial flavours. Their creations are used in everything from sweets to alcohol; definitely a tasty job.

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LEGO Sculptor

Despite there being few of these dedicated professionals in the world, competition is huge. Only one company offers this job, meaning that appointments are rare, and often applicants are pitted against each other. To the victor: the job, the title, and LEGO celebrity.

Submarine Chef

For the brave, a job under the sea may be ideal. The perks include respect, power, and did I mention a huge pay check? You’ll earn more than almost any other personnel onboard, which could be seen as compensation for, you know, the constant risk of death.

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Cryptocurrency Trader

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, but it won’t be the last. As a purely digital medium, this kind of legal tender is more nuanced than real money, and easier to regulate. The market’s expanding fast, and will soon be considered normal, so get in while it’s still weird.

Professional Whistler

This is an art form comparable to singing, but it receives less respect. However, those who can do it are essential as guest artists, and in the production of commercial scores. This isn’t just for anyone. You need to be a world-class talent to succeed.

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Circus Psychologist

Astronauts aren’t the only high-flyers that require psychological help. When you work in a circus, fear, stress, or a lack of confidence can be fatal. As their counsellor, you’ll aid performers with identity politics and conflict resolution, and even get to spend some time on the road.


While the first and best known zymologist, Louis Pasteur, made invaluable discoveries in vaccination, many others work outside of the limelight. If it weren’t for these fermentation experts we’d have no beer, wine, cheese, yoghurt, or even miso soup. If you like mould, and love molecular biology, this is for you!

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Baby Name Consultant

In this day and age, your child’s name is his or her brand, and a strong label is indispensable. That’s why an increasing number of parents are turning to these consultants for help. It’s an excellent profession for someone who loves children and has a firm grasp of linguistics.

After reading this list, the world of full-time employment should seem somewhat less daunting. Remember, you don’t have to slave away in a dim and dusty office. Let your passion lead you, and take the path less travelled.