Campus Life

Campus Life

Life on a CTI Campus isn’t all work and no play. Transitioning from High School where class schedules were highly structured, you’ll find CTI Campuses more flexible. You will quickly acquire the disciplines to plan and manage your time and learning experience much like astute professionals in the working world – with the added flexibility of finding time to socialise with their peers and explore the many highlights of the surrounding attractions.

CTI students come from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities. Our reach extends into Africa and thus international students and South African students have the opportunity to network amongst an eclectic array of like-minded individuals.

At CTI, every day is important, not only from an academic point of view, but also from a social development and sporting aspect. All students, whether full-time or part-time, are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of social and sporting activities. These activities are offered at selective campuses in conjunction with the campus’ elected Student Representative Council (SRC) – Please note that activities vary from campus to campus.

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