Student Life

Student Life

Student Life

The transition from High School to a Tertiary Learning Institute is the first step on the road to your future career. With the help of CTI Student Advisors most learners will fine-tune their career paths and have a better understanding of the structure of their selected campus before they begin their higher education.

You can expect a low student-to-lecturer ratio that will ensure individual attention and, because each student has a different preference to their method of studying, you will also be exposed to CTI’s highly-acclaimed studying methodologies: the Mastery Learning Methodology (MLM) and the Lecture Based Learning (LBL) methodology.

CTI’s Mission and Promise to its students

Part of CTI’s vision and mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals by training them to achieve the highest standard of career focused education, and thereafter assisting them to secure employment.

In order to consistently offer the highest quality of education, CTI’s advisory council consisting of industry experts continually provides industry specific advice to CTI on an on-going basis. This advice enables CTI to develop its educational offerings to keep pace with the best in both South Africa and the rest of the world.

For those who are unable to pay the CTI tuition fees in a once-off payment, student loans are available for qualifying applicants.

Finally, CTI offers a dedicated employment service. All CTI graduates will be assisted by CTI job placement staff members to gain employment in their specific fields of study, once their degrees have been obtained, giving them immediate access to competitive employment opportunities

Student Accommodation


For more information on student accommodation please contact: Lidia Dos Ramos at