How to Reinvent Yourself at College

November 10th, 2015 by Pearson

If you were a high-school wallflower, then you’ll be overjoyed to learn about the opportunities for reinvention that college offers.

When you go school in the same place from grade R to Matric, you have a hard time getting your peers to forget about that time you wore mismatched shoes. Likewise, your they’ll never let you live down the evening when you approached your long-time crush, only to get severely shot down, in front of everyone.

At varsity, you have a clean slate and, even if one or two people know you, their opinions are drowned out in the crowd of new faces. Here are some quick tips to help you prevent the geeky remnants of your pubescent years from following you into adulthood:

Change your hair

They say it’s as good as a holiday, so be brave and do something different. Cut bangs or change your style, you could even go with a completely new colour. The trick is to not do the same things you’ve always done. If you played it safe at school, now’s the time to go wild, because so long as your assignments are in on time, no one penalises you for having crazy hair.

Go shopping

You know it’s time to lose those neon friendship bracelets. And those Crocs – what are you even doing with them?! Don’t be afraid; there are easy ways to renovate your wardrobe without spending loads of cash. Rather pay for one top quality staple item in a style that’s new for you, like a pair of jeans, a jacket or shoes. Then you can accessorise with whatever takes your fancy, and suits your budget.

Get creative

The alternative to a shopping spree is finding crafty ways to revamp your existing wardrobe. This is a good idea for creative types who like to keep their hands busy, as they can create unique clothing and accessories without overspending. Take a look at Pinterest for ideas that suit you. And don’t forget to check with at least one fashion-forward friend before you step out the door in a new ensemble.

Try new things

This one’s actually the most important point to follow. If you change your appearance and style, but keep doing the same old things, you’re not really reinventing yourself. While it can be tough to jump into new situations with unfamiliar people, the rewards can be incredible. You’ll open your eyes to new opportunities and ways of life, and this is at the heart of every college experience.

Take advantage of this chance to be the person you always imagined you would be. And make sure your self-makeover doesn’t only go skin deep.