Why CTI?

Why CTI?



Qualifications and programmes offered and supported through CTI range across three faculties, namley: Commerce, Information Technology and Law.

CTI is accredited by the South African Council on Higher Education (CHE) and offers our students an array of benefits designed to assist them achieve academic excellence.

This accreditation ensures that all programmes and academic service delivery are of:

  • The highest standards
  • Students enjoy comprehensive employment opportunities upon completion of their studies 

CTI has degree-conferring status in South Africa, thus enabling learners the opportunity to study towards a degree at any of its twelve campuses.

CTI has established itself as a premium higher education institution, delivering quality career-orientated programmes and qualifications not only to South African students, but also to a large, ever-increasing international student body.

Fortunately, some fields of study and some institutions fare a lot better and it is thus advisable to do the necessary research before finally choosing an institution and a qualification. Issues to be considered include:

Are the courses both locally and internationally recognised?
At CTI, our courses are both locally and internationally recognised.

How long has the institution been in existence?
CTI was launched in 1979 and has grown from strength to strength ever since!

What is the pass rate?
We are proud to boast an exceptional pass rate!

Can the institution show its success rate of placing its students into jobs?
Yes we can! Six months after graduation, 70% of CTI graduates are in employment, further study, travelling, or due to start a job within the next month (data obtained from Graduate Destinations Survey). This is on par with the national graduate employment rate of 70%.

What method of teaching does the institution use (large lecture rooms, small lecture rooms or one-on-one tuition)?
CTI offers its students various well-equipped lecture facilities and has a very low student to lecturer ratio, which ensures our students receive individual attention.

Does the institution consistently strive to develop new course material that is both academically challenging and relevant to industry needs?
CTI constantly researches new ways to challenge our students! With the help of our dedicated Advisory Council, we ensure that our programmes are always at the forefront of educational and industry standards.