Start with the right Choice

Start with the right Choice

CTI has established itself as a premium higher-education institution, delivering quality career-orientated programmes and qualifications not only to South African students, but also to a large, ever-increasing international student body.

Fortunately, some fields of study and some institutions fare a lot better and it is thus advisable to do the necessary research before finally choosing an institution and a qualification. Issues to be considered include:

  • Are the courses both locally and internationally recognised?
  • How long has the institution been in existence?
  • What is the pass rate?
  • Can the institution show its success rate of placing its students into jobs?
  • What method of teaching does the institution use (large lecture rooms, small lecture rooms or one-on-one tuition)?
  • Does the institution consistently strive to develop new course material that is both academically challenging and relevant to industry needs?

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