How to Make the Most of your Living Space

March 2nd, 2015 by Pearson

Space – The Final Frontier

Space is the ultimate luxury and, unfortunately, these days it comes at a high premium. The result is that student accommodation has become progressively compact in the last few years, with rooms smaller than fifteen square meters common in many countries.

Consequently, maximising minimal rooms has become something of an art form. You may only have a few squares available, but if you furnish and organise correctly, your home can feel like an expansive palace. There are a few easy steps that you can follow to make sure you don’t feel like a rat in a cage.

The Small Space Checklist

  1. Reduce and Rationalise – It’s time to think hard about what you need and get rid of anything you don’t. It’s OK, I know you’ve been planning to do this for a while; you’ve just never quite got around to it. Well no more procrastinating! If you let them, your belongings can end up owning you. It’s called hoarding.

Try to separate the items you truly care about from all the junk. Making a list of your top ten most treasured objects may help to put things in perspective.

  1. Storage Solutions – In close quarters, you can’t leave too many things lying around. It makes the area feel cluttered, gives dust a place to gather, and hinders cleaning. Only items that you use regularly should be displayed on counters, tables or shelves. Everything else belongs in drawers, cupboards, or storage containers.

Anything from a simple box to a decorative basket can be used to keep your goods stowed out of sight.

  1. Functional Furniture – Using multi-purpose furnishings can help you to seriously decrease the number of items filling up your home. Anything goes, from an ordinary sofa-bed to a coffee table that doubles as storage, even a worktop surface could be used for dining and as a functional desk.

If it can collapse or stack it’s extremely useful. Folding chairs are great for entertaining, and the traditional flip-down Murphy bed can save a huge amount of room.

Now you have no excuse – run through every step on the list and then repeat for best results. Don’t get sentimental about the things you’re trying to get rid of, that’s hoarder behaviour. Rather, donate anything you don’t need to charity, and then come back to your neat, tidy home and feel good about yourself.