What Your Major Says About You

April 13th, 2015 by Pearson

Deciding which subject to specialise in is one of the biggest choices you’ll have to make in the course of your college career. Besides hinting at your future job prospects, your major can tell people a lot about you. From your work ethic to your personality, do you know what yours says about you?

1. Accounting
If this is your major, you’re one of the few under 25s who actually know what a budget is – let alone how to stick to it. Pragmatic and organised, you prefer order and clean lines, and appreciate balance in all forms. Many probably assume that your skill in mathematics makes you über smart. And considering your future salary, some are probably just trying to get into your good books while they can still afford your services.

2. Business
Budding entrepreneurs eager to earn large sums of money gravitate towards this major. On campus, you’re smartly dressed and probably carry around a briefcase or backpack you don’t even need. Wise beyond your years and constantly brainstorming new product ideas, your go-getter attitude is a big motivator to your peers, even though few understand your drive.

3. Information Technology
You may have spent years being teased about your obsession with electronics, from games to gadgets. It doesn’t faze you though, because you’re the next Bill Gates and that computer program or cell phone app you’ve been working on is worth billions. Besides, with your rare skill, everyone and their dad needs you to solve their IT problems.

4. Law
You’re most likely one of those kids who obsessively watched TV series like Law and Order, CSI and Criminal Minds. Much like the characters in these shows, research rules your life and you may even enjoy reading reams of case studies and legal theory. What’s more, your objective view on all things in life has proven invaluable in solving many disputes among your friends. No one bothers to get into an argument with you, unless they’re prepared to lose.

5. Psychology
You’re the best listener around – and probably analyse every word your friends speak as you dish out sage advice. I mean, what could possibly be more fascinating than the human brain? You may be quirky and a little over-emotional, but your compassion and helpful nature means people easily trust you with their secrets.

Whether you display these tendencies or not, what’s most important is how you use the knowledge and skills acquired during these years. Rest assured that nothing you learn at college is wasted. You may not use it in the job your course directs you to, but it may prove an invaluable piece of experience in another field.