Life Lessons Learned in College

November 2nd, 2015 by Pearson

At varsity, you’ll prepare yourself for a bright future, as you learn skills and proficiencies to (hopefully) help you rake in the big bucks. However, your smarts won’t stop there. Simply by going through the daily motions and challenges of college life, you’ll pick up some other gems along the way.

It often happens that we learn best by doing or experiencing, which is why so many of these tit bits of wisdom only strike home once you’ve left yours:


You totally took mom for granted

Truth. All that washing and cleaning, not to mention the cooking and comforting… Now that you’re on your own, you may find yourself hoarding up a week’s worth of dirty clothes to take back to your parents’ house when you visit.

While you were at school, she may have seemed like a nag, but now you realise that she was just looking after you. When you’re sick, your roommate doesn’t bring you tea, and he/she can’t make a stew the way mom does.


Two-minute noodles can be the basis of any dish

Yep. It’s a varsity staple. Whether you mix it with grated cheese and tomato sauce, or chop veggies into it for a broth-style treat, this quick dish is a lifesaver. In fact, many of the swag business people you see today lived on two-minute noodles when they studied.


 Two-minute noodles can make you fat

Sadly, yes. The high carb content and off-the-charts deliciousness of those sneaky MSG flavour packets make these noodles impossible to put down. The solution? Go home for some of mom’s cooking.


Living with a messy roommate is the worst

At home, you didn’t think twice about not replacing the toilet roll. Now, finding that last square simply teasing you in your moment of need can drive you into a rage. The same goes for dirty dishes left in the sink – especially when they’re not yours!

You may find yourself turning into your mom, and nagging. It’s OK. You’ve just turned a corner in your life, and one day your spouse will thank you.


Playing a musical instrument makes you super cool

Remember those piano lessons you hated? Now take a look at that guy who jams the keyboard. He’s never short of a hot date; in fact your ‘platonic’ bff just asked you to hook her up with him. Whether you’re male or female, playing an instrument ups your desirability, no matter what you look like. And even if you’re a jerk.


Can you think of any other life lessons you’ve learned at university? Let us know!