Interesting Heritage Sites to Visit

September 21st, 2015 by Pearson

Life outside of college can’t be all about sleeping and socialising. Incorporating a little culture into your activities with some friends will change it up a bit and probably give you ample Instagramming opportunities too.

When someone says ‘heritage site’ you probably think of a dusty old building or a park somewhere where you can’t touch anything. We want to encourage you to learn more whilst enjoying your surrounds. So, to keep you interested, we’ve compiled a list of some of the more exciting spots for you to explore:


Sterkfontein – Cradle of Humankind

Instagram Opportunity: In the cave

If you’re an avid supporter of evolution, then this place is an ideal spot for you to pay homage to pre- historic humans. Dr Robert Broom found the first fossil at Sterkfontein in 1947 and since then, some of the most prolific discoveries in fossilised hominine remains have been made here. Don’t worry though, it’s not all bones and dirt. There’s an auditorium, guided cave tours, exhibitions and way more – definitely an entire day excursion you won’t forget.


Nieu-Bethesda – Owl House

Instagram Opportunity: Amidst the sculptures in the garden

For all of you arty types, this permanent house exhibition is the work of South African artist, Helen Martins. She inherited the home from her parents and spent her adult life focusing on decorating the place using cement, wire, sculptures and glass. The Owl House does possess a slight ‘creep’ factor as Martins took her own life upon discovering she was going blind. The amount of details within the exhibit will have you wandering around for hours and you’ll pick up on her declining vision through her works.


Cape Town – Castle of Good Hope

Instagram Opportunity: Table Mountain in the background from the Leerdam point

First of all, it’s a castle! How many times in your life will you get to go inside one of these? Secondly, it has a dungeon, with torture devices and everything, there’s even talk about ghosts. For a good sniff into the lives of the people from yesteryear, this is an awesome start.


Graaf-Reinet – various spots within the town

Instagram Opportunity: The main street

Although the town itself isn’t a heritage site, the 200 buildings within it certainly are and if that’s not your thing, it’s entirely surrounded by a national park. Get a history injection in South Africa’s fourth oldest town that was home to apartheid freedom fighter, Robert Sobukwe. There’s so much culture in this one little place that you won’t even know where to start. Prepare to be the knowledge boss.


North West Province – Vredefort Dome

Instagram Opportunity: An epic sunset by the river

This is not just another hole in the ground, ok maybe it is, but this one was caused by a meteorite. That’s right: stuff from space, at least 10km in diameter, smashed into earth right here! Since being declared an UNESCO heritage site, other activities in the area have been developed, like river rafting, mountain biking and horse riding, to accommodate and entertain ‘hole in the ground’ enthusiasts.


Broaden your horizons by venturing to one of these heritage sites – once you’ve completed this list, see what other places of interest are available in your area. Who knows, you could learn something and become inspired.