How to Get the Best Sleep

August 31st, 2015 by Pearson

Getting enough sleep as a student sometimes seems harder than getting an A in your toughest subject. It may seem as though there’s always something more important that you should be doing. Those hectic fun-filled party nights, as stress relieving as they may be, only exacerbate a sleep deprivation. You need adequate shut-eye in order to focus and function at your optimum level. This not only makes you a much sharper scholar, but also increases your quality of life.

Friends, significant others and a hectic schedule test your ability to knock off at 10pm. And with no adult to enforce rules and order, you could easily start feeling like a zombie. Here are a few ways to ensure that you manage to sleep.

Allow no entry – Lock your bedroom door and don’t answer to your friends’ midnight-adventure requests. Ignore everyone who summons you to a chore, party, or get-together after a certain time. However, it’s best you do everything your mom asks before you nod-off.

Sort out campus stuff – Getting your school work out of the way in good time might help ease the stress of deadlines. This alleviates anxiety that prevents you from enjoying a restful night.

Turn your cell phone off – Your popularity might be getting in the way of your getting much needed slumber. It vibrates every time you’re just about to nod off, with someone wanting you to check out the next “best thing”. Leave it in another room or make sure that it’s on mute for a few hours while you recuperate.

Set a curfew – You might not like this idea right now, but it’s a necessity. With all the things you plan on doing during the day, you need to factor sleep into the schedule and set a particular time in which you’ll be under the covers.

You perform better when you’re well rested. Be sure to create a plan that best suits your lifestyle and stick to it as best as you can. Setting boundaries with friends and family will also relieve any awkward conversations about chores not being done or not attending ‘the best party ever!’.  If you set a timetable for tasks, you’ll meet your deadlines and feel relaxed when you finally turn off the lights.