Famous Movie and T.V. Characters You’ll Meet at Varsity

October 19th, 2015 by Pearson

Your time as a student will expose you to people you would otherwise never get the chance to meet.

With so many varied personalities around, you’re bound to notice some similarities to your favourite big and small screen characters. Most of these Hollywood guys and girls have been created to embody stereotypical traits that we encounter every day.


If you don’t believe it, ask yourself when you last met someone with the temperament of:

1. Hannah Horvath – Girls

She has what it takes. A Hannah Horvath might not be the cleverest person in class, but she’s probably the smartest. These people possess a strong drive that will push them forward in life, no matter what the obstacle. However, despite her determination, she often gets sidetracked by friends, partying, and relationships.


2. Peter Parker – Spiderman

The mild-mannered secret identity of the silver screen’s greatest web-slinger needs no introduction. These guys are superb all-rounders. Athletic, but not jocks, and intelligent, but not academic, they often participate in extra-mural activities and charitable outreach. Who knows, one might be working as a photographer at your campus newspaper right now.


3. Hunter S. Thompson – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

You can spot a Hunter by his relentless pursuit of good times. Always ready to party, he’s not great at studying, but somehow always scrape through. This type of person tends to rely on his wits and talent to get by, and often wears a deranged expression, no matter what they’re doing. Despite their humanities backgrounds, they’re often chemists or botanists.


4. Hermione Granger – Harry Potter

This is one formidable young lady – headstrong with a razor-sharp intellect. Always top of the class, she doesn’t go in for wild parties, or any nonsense and shenanigans. She keeps her loyal band of friends close and spends most of her time helping them and others. Hermiones have a pronounced humanitarian streak, and are here to save the world, or at least try.


5. Liz Lemon – 30 Rock

Unintentionally hilarious, the Lemons of this world are intelligent go-getters, but are always either getting into or getting out of trouble. Their lives are a series of crises being delicately juggled until they resolve themselves. Comfort addicts to the end, there’s always a part of them that would rather be curled up in bed with a book and tub of ice-cream.


I bet you’ll never look at your fellow students the same way after reading this, and why should you? After all, you may have greatness in your midst, or at the very least someone to base a cool TV character on.