Bachelor of Laws (LLB) (UNISA)

  • Qualification Type
  • Full Time
    4 years
  • Part Time
  • On Campus
    5 days/week
  • Intake
  • Accreditation
    NQF 7 SAQA ID: 6009


This rigorous and specialist qualification prepares you for a range of careers in the legal profession. A Bachelor of Laws degree is the only route to practising law as an advocate or attorney or pursuing a career in commerce, management, politics and finance.

The LLB degree is conferred by UNISA, Africa’s leading distance-learning institution and South Africa’s oldest university. Studying law is extremely demanding, so we offer Lecture-Based Learning (LBL) in smaller classes to ensure you get the best out of your law degree. You will focus on a broad range of legal modules and in your forth year, you choose elective modules that are of special interest to you.

We believe that offering lecture-based teaching and support for a qualification of such rigour will greatly enhance your chances of completing the degree successfully. Instead of studying the qualification alone, we give you the opportunity to learn in a vibrant campus environment with the support of academic and industry professionals. With this approach, you are able to study 35 compulsory modules and elective modules very intensively in four years. We also maintain strong links with the legal world so that our support efforts are relevant and application lead.

By studying law through CTI and UNISA, you will get the opportunity to develop your skills of logical reasoning, making ethical judgements, and analysing and interpreting legal issues. As an official licensee of UNISA, we ensure that you are ready to navigate the legal and business world with real world skills.


Entry requirements

These are set annually by UNISA, you should ensure that you acquire all these details from UNISA’s website:


Qualification accreditations

  • Conferred by UNISA.
  • Accredited by the South African Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC) of the Council on Higher Education (CHE).
  • Registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).


Career options

The career choices for you, as a UNISA Bachelor of Laws (LLB) graduate are varied and include:

  • Advocate
  • Attorney
  • Legal advisor
  • Magistrate
  • Working in legal departments in government or business


Qualification structure

Teaching methods and assessment

  • We offer lecture-based support for the UNISA LLB modules.
  • Our smaller class sizes allows for individualised attention.
  • Our teaching staff is a mix of full-time academics and working professionals to ensure you benefit from quality academic and industryspecific inputs.
  • You have access to campus resource centres, computer labs and WiFi.
  • You attend lectures and small group sessions.
  • Throughout the programme, you have to demonstrate theoretical and practical understanding via application-based assessments such as examinations, assignments, essays, case studies, research projects and analysis of legal issues.
  • An LLB degree alone is not a qualification for practise. Those of you who choose to become attorneys must complete an additional two years of articles and pass the Attorneys Admission Examination, while those of you who choose to become advocates must complete a one year pupillage and pass the National Bar Examination Board exam.

Programme Structure

Year 1

  • Family Law
  • Financial Accounting Principles for Law Practitioners
  • Foundations of South African Law
  • General Principles of Criminal Law
  • Introduction to Law
  • Law of Persons
  • Research Literacy for Law
  • Skills Course for Law Students
  • Social Dimensions of Justice
  • The Origins of South African Law

Year 2

  • Administrative Law
  • African Customary Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Criminal Law: Specific Crimes
  • Entrepreneurial Law
  • Fundamental Rights
  • General Principles of Civil Procedure
  • Insolvency Law
  • Interpretation of Statutes
  • Law of Succession

Year 3

  • Civil Procedure: Court Proceedings
  • Enrichment, Liability and Estoppel
  • Evidence: Admissibility of Evidence
  • Evidence: The Presentation and Assessment of Evidence
  • Labour Law
  • Law of Contract
  • Law of Criminal Procedure: Pre-trial
  • Law of Criminal Procedure: Trial and Post-Trial
  • Law of Delict
  • Law of Property

Year 4

Compulsory modules:

  • International Law
  • Law of Negotiable Instruments, Intellectual Property and Competition
  • Legal Philosophy
  • Professional Ethics
  • Research Methodology

Elective modules: For a full list of elective modules, refer to the UNISA prospectus. CTI will offer elective modules, subject to demand.