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CTI’s Faculty of Information Technology has been at the forefront of higher education in information technology in South Africa for over thirty years. We have a reputation for developing qualifications and programmes that are highly relevant, anticipate the current and future needs of industry and are practical. Our curriculum review system means that we are able to update our programmes very quickly to keep ahead of technological innovation. Our qualifications prepare you for the fast-moving world of information technology. They provide you with both broad theoretical understanding as well as specialised practical application of information technology. Areas of specialisation include computer science, information systems, software development, software analyses, database design and network infrastructure. CTI offers a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree, which is both broad and intense. We also offer a wide choice of Higher Certificates in Information Technology and Information Systems, and specialised short learning programmes that are rigorous and career focused. With our focus on Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), interactive Lecture-Based Learning (LBL) and practical assessments, we ensure that you are ready to navigate the world of work with real world computer and information technology skills. For our Information Systems higher certificates, we use the highly effective Mastery Learning Methodology (MLM), which is ideal for self-directed and modular learning in the information technology industry. We have excellent facilities like computer labs with cluster workspace setups, hardware pods for practise and assessment and smart pods for formal and informal learning. Our unique teaching methodologies ensure that you develop additional skills essential to the modern workplace, such as critical thinking, solving problems, being innovative, being adaptable, collaborating with others and communication. Faculty facts Dean of Faculty: Dr. Piet Bothma Industry associations and accreditations • Partnership with the Computing Technology Information Association (CompTIA) for selected Information Systems Higher Certificates. • The CTI Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is quality assured (externally moderated) by Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales. Accolades • Our subject specialist panel that monitors and reviews our curriculum annually; members are industry leaders from diverse businesses including software development, telecommunications, insurance and information technology support.

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