Qualification and Programme Types

Qualification and Programme Types


An academic degree is often associated with a title and sometimes associated with an academic position. It is the official certification that a student has completed a rigorous course of study and qualifies that student for various professional fields. Some titles can only be claimed by a person who has obtained an academic degree. Many professions require at least a basic academic degree and employers will often request that prospective employees provide proof of such certification.

By obtaining a Degree with CTI you will have achieved the appropriate amount of skill sets to confidently apply for leading positions within the relevant industry of your choice!

Higher Certificates

Students whose qualification criteria do not meet the standards for obtaining a degree but have obtained a National Senior Certificate for diploma or certificate entry (or equivalent) can apply for enrolment to the Higher Certificate programme. A higher certificate can only be obtained by studying full time over the course of 12 months and, upon completion, the credits earned can assist students in applying for a degree.

Students who have completed the CTI Certificate qualification can apply to transfer their credits towards the CTI Higher Certificate if offered by the faculty.

Short Learning Programmes

CTI offers a comprehensive list of short learning programmes in various academic fields. These modules outline specific aspects of the faculty and are taken over a duration of between 8 to 10 months (full-time) or 20 months (part-time).

The short learning programmes are highly beneficial for those who are either already in the relevant line of work and would like to boost their current knowledge base, for those who are interested in specific aspects of the industry or for those whose qualification criteria do not meet the standards for obtaining a certificate, degree or diploma.

Upon completion of these modules, students can continue studying towards a Certificate through an application process for Credit Transfer (CT) or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).