Choosing your Qualification

Choosing your Qualification

Start with yourself

When we are truly passionate about something we are more than likely to be successful at it. Take your favourite hobby or utilise your talents when thinking of a career pathway. If you are unsure about your talents then ask those closest to you. What they tell you might be surprising and will either confirm your career choice or provide insight into a different opportunity.

Take a look at the way you work

Are you self-motivated or do you work well in a team? This will offer insight into the type of work environment you would excel in. Be honest with yourself as working on your own and working for someone else are two very different ball-games.


The majority of us would love to spend our lives managing a business from the comforts of a private yacht, airplane, island…the list can go on. However, most high paying positions come at a high price. Your passion and your expected financial lifestyle may not be necessarily linked. Don’t choose a career purely based on the likelihood of it being financially lucrative as your personal happiness is what counts at the end of the day.

Social scene

We spend the majority of our working lives in the company of our colleagues. Think about what social environment would be the right fit for you. Your personality traits, whether extroverted or introverted, will help determine the career path you want to undertake.

Shadow Job

It’s a good idea to get hold of someone who is already established within a career you find interesting. Ask them if you could job shadow them for at least a month to get a better idea of what the job entails and whether it lives up to your expectations.

Career Coach

Professional Career Coaches can measure your aptitude for success in different positions.

Higher Education Counsellors

If you have an inkling as to what career path you would like to follow but are unsure of what qualification is the right fit then chat to one of CTI’s higher education counsellors. They will be able to offer insight on qualifications vs. career paths.