Real World Ready

Real World Ready

At CTI, our unequivocal dedication to providing premium quality education has seen the development of the Group through key affiliations within the educational sector (PIHE South Africa), Cardiff Metropolitan University(UK)) and the interest of first-class stakeholders – Pearson Education (the world’s largest education organisation).

CTI has documented steady growth over the past decade and are regarded by many as institutions of choice.

One of CTI’s leading differentiators is our approach to studying methodologies. In contrast to most large-scale universities, we understand the different preferences students might have regarding their method of learning and have such developed two study methods: the Mastery Learning Methodology (MLM) and the Lecture Based Learning (LBL) methodology. Students studying in the Information Technology Faculty may choose between the MLM and the LBL methods, whilst the other faculties offer studies through the LBL method. These methods have proven very successful amongst our students who have seen marked improvements to their approach to studying.

Our small classes also provide an impressive edge in comparison to traditional university-style lectures, which can have as many as 400 students at a time in one lecture. We ensure individual attention, which results in our students having a better understanding of their study material and thus a higher pass rate. Most of our degrees also include academic field trips and/or practical components – allowing our students to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical components, better preparing them for the world of work.

CTI takes theoretical knowledge and blends it with application – we live our Real Work Ready ethos in we aid our students by providing career support services which prepare students them for the working environment.