9 Essential Study Hacks

May 25th, 2015 by Pearson

No student enjoys the pressure of tests and exams, and finding a study method that works for you can be a trying task on its own. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of handy hacks to try and help you find your groove when you’re hitting the grindstone.

#1. Manage your time
We know that technically, there are 24 useable hours in a day, however, that doesn’t mean that you should be cramming the night before your final. By spacing it out and creating a study calendar, all you’ll need to do the night before your exam is read over your notes.

#2. Record Lectures
All smart phones have a built in voice recording device, and you should use it! By utilising this nifty tool to record your lectures, you can always revert back if you get stuck whilst studying.

#3. Do practice Tests
Ask your lecturer for past papers; these will be super handy when you want to test your knowledge during your study time.

#4. Block Out Distractions
You’re ready to crack down and study, but decide to quickly check Facebook – two hours later you still haven’t opened a book. Sound like you? Download a self-control app. These wonderful creations will block any website (temporarily) so that you can continue with your studies, distraction free.

#5. Avoid Lyrical No-Nos
Studies have shown that by playing instrumental music (particularly Mozart), you’re more likely to concentrate, as lyrics can be distracting. However, if the M-zart is just not your jam, look into getting music from video games, as those are designed to stimulate the brain for accelerated concentration.

#6. Understand the Big Gum Theory
It’s been said that chewing the same flavour of gum when you study as when you sit in on your exam will act as a memory trigger for your brain.

#7. Time Yourself to Reward Yourself
An excellent method to adopt is interspersing 25-45 minutes of study time with a five-minute break. Make a point to step away from your notes, get some fresh air or brew a pot of coffee to give your hard-working brain a well-deserved break.

#8. Get the Right Combination
Visually stimulating notes will help you remember the finer details – so go wild! Use colours, pictures, graphs and diagrams. Then read them aloud to really cement the info into your memory.

#9. Get Loads of Sleep
Don’t let the stress fool you into thinking that you should do an all-nighter! Losing one evening’s sleep can alter your thinking for up to four days, so make sure you get to bed early in the time leading up to your big exam.

These are stressful times for all students, but remember: if you work consistently through the semester and find your own study groove, you’ll ace it. Good luck!