10 Things You Could Have Done Without on Valentine’s Day

February 16th, 2015 by Pearson

February 14th has come and gone, letting single individuals sigh in relief and leaving couples with a few photos they’ll regret someday. Regardless of your relationship status, we’re certain there were a few Valentine’s Day experiences you wish had never crossed your path.
In an ode to the world’s most beloved and loathed day, we’ve compiled a list of the ten things we could have done without this Valentines. There’s no doubt in our minds you’ll agree with quite a few.


1. Red Stuff Everywhere

Shops and street vendors offered love aficionados every rose, teddy bear and heart-shaped box they had in stock.


2. Smitten Couples

The kissing, cuddling and hand holding escalated to a level alarmingly similar to a Mills & Boon novel, with partners unconsciously re-enacting the publisher’s passionate book covers.


3. Social Media Love

Your Twitter and Facebook feeds grew overcrowded with sickly-sweet heart images, Valentine’s memes, and couples’ very public displays of affection.


4. Pressure to Buy the Perfect Gift

When you realised a teddy bear in a pink mug wouldn’t cut it – because you bought that last year – finding a Valentine’s gift became quite stressful.


5. Your Post-Valentine’s Empty Wallet

The start of an academic year is rough enough on your pockets because of new textbooks and stationery. Thanks to V Day, you lost the little cash you had left and were poor for the rest of the month.


6. Forgetting Valentine’s Day
Somehow, someone out there missed all the signs and was forced to buy that teddy bear in a pink mug.


7. Relationship Status Pity
If you thought, “How’s your love life?” was an annoying question, “Who’s your Valentine?” probably made you want to scream out loud. The sympathetic response your answer received did absolutely nothing to ease your pain.


8. Lonely, Angry Singles
The ‘Couples Suck’ crowd reappeared on scene with a renewed passion of loathing for people in love.


9. Creepy Valentine’s stalker
You may have received a card or gift from a stranger who’s secretly adored you for weeks. If you freaked out, don’t worry – we wouldn’t have known how to act either.


10. An Endless Supply of Chocolate
Used as a soothing balm for your unloved soul, many of us probably ate more than we’ll ever admit. For those who were on a diet, we hope you survived.


Fortunately, the next Valentine’s Day is an entire year away and whatever strange activity you encountered is nothing more than a memory – or will be, eventually.